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Is waiting in line

becoming outdated?

You will find the answer by the time you read past the next few lines.

phonebuy, your shopping partner

Though most of us have done away with standing in queues at banks and post offices, the brick and mortar retail stores have pulled us to keep us all back in line. Now, this is a thing of past where queues are simply avoidable and the tedious part of your shopping experience ends altogether if you have just one smartest app on your smartphone!

For Customers

While you are already used to shop and pay digitally, now can also checkout digitally..!

This new checkout technology on your mobile phone removes the most time-consuming component of clearing a queue, which is often the purchase itself. It allows you to scan the barcodes of the items you choose, add them to cart, claim the discounts or offers instantly, pay online and breeze through the store: all in a flash.

There is still more to gain apart from your precious time. You can now access your shopping list in your app itself rather than turning to a pen and a paper. Want much more?

Go ahead and use multiple lists as per your choice.

For Retailer

Optimization of workforce helps expand the business without compromising on profits.

Checkout is one of the most important factors of user experience. It is often believed that five minutes is an acceptable amount of time to wait for checkout in a retail store. But in reality, it is a game of perceptions. Customers who are busy at the moment perceive even few minutes as long, while the customers who have time are ok to wait for little longer.

Without increasing the billing staff and the number of counters, peak hour rush can be handled using phonebuy, a self-checkout app, that keeps customers happy and a happy customer will become a loyal customer thereby expanding the customer base. Apart from reducing billing time and enhancing the user experience, the operational costs involved in managing a typical retail store are far higher over time compared to the one which is technology enabled.

How is phonebuy

a win-win for customers and retailers?

Customer Service has played an important role in gaining customers for a business. What has become even more important now is User experience than the very customer service itself. The merchants who try to recreate the shopping experience across their stores are the ones that we see experiencing growth.

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