Let’s create
“The Future Of Retail”

We’re shaping the way we shop, every day, by understanding and updating technology at stores.

What is phonebuy?

phonebuy enables stores to give shoppers a unique shopping experience. Self-checkout and hassle-free Scan are one among the phonebuy’s many benefits. Tools like unique shopping list and explore function make phonebuy an added advantage to your existing customer service, and to the potential buyers you will now be able to serve!

Digitization in retail opens up many opportunities and helps sellers realize their full potential. phonebuy will stand as your selling partner; and support you to make your store the best by increasing your customer satisfaction, improving your sales, optimizing your operational expenses and thereby augmenting your revenue. After all, a satisfied customer will ever be a loyal customer and an easy to go stores attracts and enables more footfalls.

Data Analytics

With phonebuy you can get answers to questions like: “Who is my customer?” “Where did he walk first?” “Where did he spend most of his time?” “Can I do something to increase my sales?” and much more that can help you to boost your business. Getting answers will now be easier with phonebuy by giving you the chance to organize your store in the best possible way!

Connected Future

Let’s build this future together with Digitization – the way forward in smart retailing. Get the first-mover advantage and become the market-leader by creating a unique mobile shopping experience for your customers. Now it’s your turn to harness the power of digitization!

More with Less

Instead of adding just another checkout counter, have your customers checkout themselves. Your customers get to skip lines; and you get to serve more customers in less time. Footfall to the stores has been growing; the more a customer stand in the queue, the less productive it is, to the store.

Let’s Sell Smart!

Interested to try phonebuy or need more information? We’re happy to answer any questions you have; just leave your details below and we shall reach you soon. Integration is free of cost for 30 days.